Vestergaarden – an old Fanø farmhouse.

It is known, that there has been residential on the site since the year 1683.

Since 1830, the farm has been tree-lined and today appears in external features as it did then.

In 1970, all agricultural operations ceased, buildings and barn were renovated and the farm has since then only been used for accommodation.

Today, Vestergaarden is now home for Kaja and Nils. In addition to full-time work, we try to run a standard Bed and Breakfast with a focus on the hospitable, life-affirming, sustainable, ecological and cozy (hyggelig).

Vestergaarden is very centrally located in Nordby town center:

1000m from the ferry.

75m from Superbrugsen (grocery store) and Hovedgaden (the Main Street) with most shops, restaurants and bike rentals

50m to Busstop.

650m to the marina.

2500m to beach, tennis, golf til strand, tennis-, golf- and minigolf fields.

Welcome to Vestergaarden

We will try our best to make your visit at Fanø as good as possible, therefore it is essential for us to have a good dialogue with you about your stay.

 If you have diabetes, allergies, are a vegetarian or need other special considerations, please let us know, at the latest on arrival, and we will try to take proper precautions.

Arrival- and departure times

Usually arrival time is after 14:00, in special circumstances after 17:00.

Usually departure time is before 11:00, if the room is to be used by others on the same day.

If agreed, it is possible to bring in the luggage before arrival time and to have the luggage waiting for a later pickup than departure time, if the room is cleared.

The Room
If case of emergency the best and nearest exit is to open both parts of the windows.
The smoke detectors are connected to other smoke detectors throughout the house. Therefore if you hear an alarm it does not have to be in your room – so avoid panic and hasten slowly.

The bed blankets, which are designed for different seasons, consist of two parts that buttons together, can be used as a winter duvet. If they are disassembled, the thickest is for use in autumn and spring; the thin one is used in summer. You just do as you please.
If you want extra pillow with cover, just ask.

 Extra bedding
A mattress, to be placed on the floor, with bedding, can be rented for dkr. 200 pr. day. In room three there is an ordinary, stationary extra bed.

Emergency exits:
Alle rooms have two- wing windows that opens.
Besides there are following doors out:
From “Stalden” to the yard.
From “Stalden to the garden at west.
From the pantry, through the small hall, to the yard.

The Pantry:
The pantry is only for lighter meals, because there is no exhaustion, stove or vent.
There is a microwave oven, a kettle, a toaster and a coffee machine.
In the refrigerator there will be cold water, butter, honey and jam.
Also there will also be coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar and milk for coffee/tea.
In the cabinet there will be cutlery, china etc.
Used cutlery and china is to be washed by the sink, where you also can tap water. We have soft and tasty water on Fanø.
If breakfast is supplied by us we will wash the dishes.

The old horse stable ‘Stalden’:

Light switches automatically on in the domes when it is needed, can be dimmed and switched off. More light can be switched on at the entrance doors. Can also be dimmed and switched off.

The brochures, games and books are all to be used by guests.  We can advise you in what to see, what to do and places to dine on Fanø.

 Wireless Internet
Can be activated on demand. “vestergaarden”.

Essential channels and internet can be recived.

The four Sonos speakers can be played if you log on our internet “vestergaarden” and choose your own service, Spotify, Tidal or other.

Living in a hay thatched house gives us a lot respect for fire, so we will very much like to light up the stove ourselves or make an agreement of how to do it.


Breakfast costs dkr. 75 pr. person, and usually consist of:
• Homemade buns or rolls of fresh stone grinded flour from Forum, demeter. 
• Various kinds of cheese
• A little salami and cold cuts.
• Fanø Heather Honey
• Marmalade and jam – mostly homemade
• Muesli, corn flakes and oatmeal
• Milk and juice
• Coffee and /or tea
• A little fruit
We will try to get it all organic.

 Due to full-time work and shifting work-hour is not always possible for us to make breakfast for the guests. But all you need to make a self-served breakfast can be bought in SuperBrugsen, only 75 m from here, on the other side of Vestervejen. Open every day from 07:00 to 19:00.

No smoking or open flames indoors.

The white bench and table in the yard are for all guests. Cushions and brush are in the stable.
On the lawn to the west, there are cafe tables and chairs. It is also possible to borrow deck chairs.

The yard and the lawn to the west are for the guests, all other areas are private.
Please place bicycles in rack.

Parking of cars
Loading and unloading of luggage can be carried out in the yard.
Please park more permanent on the grass close to the beech hedge on Pilevej around the corner.

Questions, doubts, guidance or (emergency) situations

If you cannot find us around the house and garden, we usually can be contacted on tel +45 26841147 for Nils and tel +45 40101147 for Kaja.

• Ideas and comments are welcome.

• You are welcome to write in the guestbook

• Remember to return the keys before departure.

We wish you a great stay at Vestergaarden and on Fanø

Kaja and Nils